Hello! I'm Areta, the driving force behind Bush Kindy Teaching, bringing over two decades of early childhood education expertise. With a degree in Early Childhood Studies, I champion the power of play in a child's life and aim to foster a connection within communities and the great outdoors. Join me on this adventure, where each nature play experience becomes a unique opportunity for learning, growth, and cherished family memories.

At Bush Kindy Teaching we:

  • Understand play is integral to early years learning and  healthy brain development.
  • Encourage families to enjoy the outdoors and offer support to reduce barriers to opportunities for connection, enjoyment, play and exploration.
  • Strive to normalise outdoor play in bushlands, parks and green spaces. Where tree climbing, mud play, hill rolling and mindfulness in nature is a normal every day practice for families.
  • With the support of our funders and partners we aim to activate as many green spaces in Logan, Queensland (and beyond) as possible.
  • Believe people should have equal access to nature play opportunities in their local communities.
  • Use forest school leadership principles
    • minimal to no waste
    • protection of natural eco systems
    • minimum 2 hours playtime
    • as regular as weekly where possible 

Looking forward to seeing you at my programs! 

Areta Farrance


Book & Branches Pty Ltd t/a Bush Kindy Teaching

Early Childhood Teacher & Nature Play Advocate

Certification & Qualifications

Bachelor Early Childhood Studies (Hons) - University of Melbourne 2003

Certificate IV TAE 2011

Certificate III Visual Arts 2008

Level 2 First Aid CPR

Level 3 Forest School Leadership (in training)

Blue Card

National Police Check
All relevant early childhood related immunisations
Areta Farrance, Bush Kindy Teaching

​What is Bush Kindy?

Bush Kindy refers to play-based learning for children in outdoor environments whereby interaction occurs between nature's loose parts, each other and Educators/Teachers. Bush Kindy can also be called - 
Bush Kindergarten, Bush Kinder, Nature Play, Forest Schooling , Nature Immersion or Beach Kindy.

Is there a Bush Kindy near me?

Currently we have 3 sites - Daisy Hill, Loganholme and Bahrs Scrub. We also often run sessions within early childhood settings, community groups and school forest areas too. Pop up nature play events occur in different locations. We are also open to new locations and would love for you to drop us a line to arrange this. 

​What should ​my child wear?

It is recommended to wear long-sleeved cotton shirt and pants, covered toe shoes, a wide brimmed hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent. On wet or muddy days, children can wear puddle pants/suits/rain jackets and gumboots if they wish.

Do you cancel in bad weather?

Yes, in cases where there's a chance of severe hail, electrical storms, or high winds. Most programs are given the option for a makeup session in these circumstances. Otherwise, I run my programs in all weather. 

What happens at a bush play session?

Bush play sessions generally include loose parts play, arts and craft, nature exploration, sensory play (mud, sand, clay, water), maybe a small bush walk, exploration of plants and animals, group songs/story/puppet time. Risky play (fire and hand tools) is also offered where specified. 

Do you use food in your play?

While I LOVE messy eating and allowing children to play with their food at meal times, Bush Kindy Teaching programs are designed to focus on nature related sensory and loose parts play. In addition to being a Forest School provider I have a strong focus on sustainability, so also aim to maintain a zero waste program. 

Why are some programs and events free?

Inline with the Bush Kindy Teaching philosophy to foster equal access to bush play for all communities, through the support of local organisations and funding opportunities I aim to make as many of my programs and events free. 

How far will the mobile service travel?

My programs are currently based in Logan and the surrounding areas. If you're interested in my programs, events, professional development or training, feel free to reach out, as I am willing to wander as far as the wind will take me!  Please note that travel costs may apply.

How to I cancel my ticket?

Thanks for taking the time to cancel your ticket, this allows others to enjoy the free programs. Follow the instructions at the link below. Feel free to reach out at admin@bushkindyteaching.com.au if you require additional support. 

How to Cancel Your Ticket

How can I book Bush Kindy Teaching to come to me? 

Every booking is unique and tailored to your community or workplace needs. Get in touch via the contact page, and I'll gladly explore how Bush Kindy Teaching can collaborate with you. 

Can you make the group sizes bigger?

Group sizes are specific to the location and program or event. I assess each location and specify the number of families to maximise its unique offerings. Generally, groups with more than 20-30 families are more suited to pop-up events etc. School and OSHC group numbers can be extended dependent on ratio. 

Its booked out! Is there a Waitlist?

Yes there is! Programs are usually made available in advance, feel free to fill out your details at the link below and you will be emailed about any upcoming programs/events prior to advertising on social media etc. If you prefer to reach out directly, please do so! 

Bush Kindy Teaching Waitlist

 Do your programs incorporate holiday themes?

As much as I love celebrating special occasions and cultural days throughout the year, Bush Kindy Teaching programs typically avoid specific themes. Following children's interests, seasonal changes and making observations allows the program to have more meaning and unique relevance, providing better support to those attending.

How do you cater for all abilities?

Please let me know before you attend if you or your child have particular requirements so we can ensure you feel relaxed and have easy access to our play experiences. All programs provide wheelchair access, shade, diverse play experiences, options for diverse abilities and ages. Nature offers a world of experiences to delight all senses. Nature also has no walls or annoying loud echoes so usually even the most noise sensitive person can enjoy the serenity. 

Why is the program sometimes different every session?

I incorporate elements of unstructured play alongside intentional teaching moments. Participants have the option to continue the unstructured play or join in for a focussed moment to enjoy songs, stories, movement, exploring a particular topic of interest, or a cooking experience. This allows the children to lead the play, while also allowing opportunities to invite people together. 

How can I give my feedback? 

Feel free to share your thoughts anytime through the contact page. For families in my current programs, I usually provide a link to participants every three months for anonymous feedback. Continuous growth and improvement is very important and I strive to improve with your knowledge and support. 

What ages are the programs and events catered for?

Unless specified on the bookings page, we embrace participants of all ages to our programs. We particularly enjoy welcoming aunties, uncles and elders from the community. 

Can I bring my pet?

Please inquire before bringing your pet, as some locations do not allow domestic animals, and we may have children in the group with allergies. 

Can I bring food for my family? 

You're welcome to bring your own snacks! Please be mindful of taking your rubbish and leftover food when leaving.